Welcome to Aurora! We live near the corner of Havana and Alameda. Within 5 miles of our place, we can find Ethiopian, Ghanian, Nigerian, Korean, and Middle-Eastern Markets. We can go to restaurants with India/Bhutanese or Cuban food, All-you-can-eat-sushi, and Korean Bar-B-Que. We have such a wealth of incredible, culinary joy in our city. And neither of us can get enough of learning from our friends about all the places they are from. For this blog, we are hoping to do three segments per area: a restaurant, a home, and our home. For example, if our theme is Thai food, we’ll:

  1. go to a Thai restaurant and highlight the chef or owner
  2. go to a friend’s place and learn about cooking Thai and perhaps the history or Thai food or our host’s personal background
  3. cook a Thai meal in our own home; bring people over and document our experience and how it tastes

We’re looking forward to sharing with you and learning from you!

Hello to Come Aurora! Join us for a culinary and cultural exploration of food!